Grow your retail business with powerful EPOS Software

Next-level Simplified Billing Software Management.

  • Keep Your Store in Your Control

    Our Billing software that helps you keep a control on your store with smart billing, reporting and inventory management features. Barcode, Touch Screen, Smart purchase, Offers and more other features helps you grow your profits and scale.

  • Failover

    Automatic daily backups, If you detect a hardware issue, we move your data to another hardware, ensuring that your data is always available and you never lose.

  • Instant Support

    No need your customers wait for queue due to software issues, Instant teamweaver, phone and Chat support.

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EPOS Billing Software in India


What Does EPOS Billing Software mean for your Business?

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports

Mobile app reporting and stock management. Customize your sales reports to easily see how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and discover who your top sales people are.

CCTV Integration

CCTV Integration

EPOS can be integrated with CCTV, Live Remote monitoring, Using CCTV Advanced POS Integration software, connecting your CCTV system with your POS or access control system is easier, more reliable, and cost effective. Preventing Loss Due to Internal Theft and Fraud

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Advanced Features

Advanced staff control, Remote multi shop Backoffice, Touch screen support, Label printing & designer, Caller id can be integrated, Second printer option (for Hotel), 2-line led display can be integrated, Customer display option (additional screen).